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About Madelyn

Madelyn Bennett Edwards

Aka Mary Madelyn Bennett Edwards

Aka Maddy


I’m a big believer in education, probably because I fought so hard to get one.  I went to beauty school and put myself through college cutting hair, graduating at 38-years-old, a single mom with two children.  I recently earned an MA in Writing at 60+ years old and have written several books.


Publishers for Emerging Writers

Directory, Published 2016

Catfish, Novel

Novel, Published 2017

Murder in Marksville, Nonfiction

Slated for publication in 2018

Childhood Memoir, In the works

Catfish II, In the works


I’m a former television producer who started my own company producing television vignettes for hospitals across the country.  A Louisiana native, I started MBC in Alexandria, moved it to Nashville, Tennessee and sold it in 2003.  I live in Asheville, NC with my husband, Gene and together we have almost a dozen grandchildren, number 12 due December, 2017.

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